RSC - Resource Saving Consultant S.r.l

RSC - Resource Saving Consultant S.r.l.

Resource Saving Consultant S.r.l. is a consulting company committed to innovative process technologies, specifically relating to IT and ICT components. Established in 2014, has a wealth of impressive skills and references. Its partners and experts have a professional past matured on major IT and ICT projects. RSC operates in the field of integration technologies and has considerable experience in the world of processes, in particular on the process control and management, and on the end- to-end monitoring. RSC is present on several integration projects for large customers and many already have experience of project analysis, design and development of applications for the management of processes related to transport and logistics, regulatory compliance, exchange market, waste market and Circular Economy principles, health, environment & safety and events monitoring. RSC has developed Complia®, and after, Complia® 2.0, an innovative method based on "expert systems", rule engines and BPMN engines, that make dynamic the Organisational, Management and Control Models to improve the industrial monitoring, corporate sustainability and compliance. In this project it will provide Project Management support, environment and industrial processes sustanainability consultancy, support on IT and ICT process evaluation in the WSX Business Model.

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