Computer Solutions S.p.A. will lead the Pathfinder project in the Climate-KIC’s Pathfinder Programme in order to verify the feasibility of the idea of building a new platform that facilitates the meeting between supply and demand of national and international services dedicated to waste recovery.
The main idea at the basis of the innovative platform called WSX is to stimulate the circular economy by identifying and promoting international chains of recovery initially intended for the main players in the market but later also for SMEs.
The WSX platform intends to create and manage a telematic stock exchange for the free and transparent quotation, at international level, of economic transactions relating to waste materials and services for the management of their proper initiation to recovery. Aware that the regulations in force for international trade between member countries and between OECD countries on waste management are uniform and well defined, the project provides for the drafting of a specific stock exchange regulation, which through a special ICT platform among those on the market is able to create a new business model.
The integration of the stock exchange platform with the most advanced information technologies (semantic engines, rule engines, artificial intelligence applications, blockchain,etc.), will lead to the creation of an innovative expert system that facilitates the meeting between the demand and the complex and articulated world of supply and availability of services necessary for proper waste management. The system, designed to automatically create multi-service offer prices for each request, even by different operators for a single transaction and thus give rise to a complete multi-service response to market demands, will also allow the preparation of the documentation required by EU legislation, to trace the various stages of implementation for transparency and to communicate the mandatory data to the bodies responsible for control.
WSX BM aims to test and validate the existence of the market gap identified by the WSX through the preparation and dissemination of a questionnaire, built by experts in the field in order to collect relevant data for our survey, among the most representative interlocutors of this market on an international scale: large producers and large waste treatment plants, first interested in the benefits of using a platform that facilitates the meeting between supply and demand of services on waste. Companies and organisations representing the 5 most industrialised countries in Europe will be interviewed; the interviews will be conducted personally by our experts, who will then be able to answer any questions on the operation of the WSX. Consolidated our Business Idea, demonstrating the enormous advantages of a platform that multiplies the possibilities to meet the demand and supply of special waste, meets the needs of large waste producers or large plants, we will be ready to develop and implement the WSX.
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