Starting from the feedback of the project "WSX - European Waste Services Exchange", presented in 2018 as part of the Call 1 2019 of the EIT - Climate KIC LATER STAGE INNOVATION Demonstrator program, in which, among other things, it was recommended "We encourage the submission of this project as an early-stage project to test and explore the market assumption and build the critical mass of demand-side players ",
we decided to present this project aimed precisely at fine-tuning the WSX Business Model, and comparing the Model with the market.

The justification for WSX BM, as stated several times, lies in the need to demonstrate the existence and solidity of a market to which it can subsequently turn in order to set up the WSX platiorm.
This is therefore a structured investigation which will therefore involve the following steps:

Detailed Company list

This is the preliminary Work Package, not included in the budget of this project, during which the assumptions that led us to propose to Climate KIC the WSX BM are verified.
We have already deal with:
- Identification of primary stakeholders. We have selected 5 countries (Italy, Germany. Netherland, Belgium and Spain), based on data published by the European Environment Agency (The European Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (E-PRTR), Member States reporting under Article 7 of Regulation (EC) No 166/2006), where we identified the companies that, in the years 2014 - 2015 - 2016, had a waste production exceeding one million tons and where are located the most significant waste treatment plants (atiached are the lists of the largest waste producers in the 5 countries surveyed and the main waste management companies in Europe.)

Then we will deal with:
- Scouting of possible "point of contacts"
- Identification of the stakeholder "SME"
- Definition of the final list and back up list
- Market coverage check

The work packages included in this project are:

A. Executive summary & Questionnaire Definition
Once we have identified our interlocutors and the target market, we will move on to the construction phase of the interview and of the communication tools necessary for the communication of the project and the administration of the questionnaire (website, questionnaire filling form, information flyer, etc.).

B. Interviews planning
Starting from the presented list of European stakeholders/companies, we will define the number of interviews (e.g. 20) to be administered directly, and the number of online questionnaires needed to make our sample meaningful. Of course, we will contact in advance all the companies to be involved by post and/or telephone to present the initiative. The objective of this work is not the number of companies involved, but the "quality" of their response; it is therefore fundamental to verify the relevance of these stakeholders and the opportunity to disseminate the innovative idea of the construction of the waste exchange to the relevant EU actors.

C. Interviews StakeholdersThis is the central phase of the project; here our experts will carry out interviews with the stakeholders identified in the previous phase directly at their offices in Europe; then we will analyze the data collected and draw up the summary document of the results.

D. Business Model review
Based on the information collected through the interview, the Business Model of the WSX platform will be reviewed and improved.

Dissemination Event

This is a final Work Package, not included in the budget of this project.
In addition to sending the results of the survey by DEM and publishing them on the dedicated website, our intention is to create an event to which we invite all those who have collaborated by filling in the questionnaire, the stakeholders involved in the WSX BM and any partners potentially interested in the implementation of the WSX platiorm identified also thanks to the profiling obtained following the analysis of the survey's data. It is likely that the duration of six months will not allow us to realize the event by 31/12/2019 and using the funds of the project but, it is our intention to create this important moment of return of results (bearing the costs) approximately in the period of March 2020 and consider it the starting point of the construction of the WSX platform.
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